Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Perfect Bow!

Ok, y'all.   This one is big.  So as you all probably know by now, i'm a little obsessed with big floppy bows.  The problem is that if they aren't tied PERFECTLY, it ruins the whole look.  After practicing time and time again, I still struggle at times.  So today was the first day of Dallas apparel market. I'm here with my husband and son, NO other girls to help me tie my bows that are behind my back! Now, The Livingston comes already tied and can stay tied, and it's a pretty perfect bow! BUT… The Stratton needs to be tied each time you wear it!  This is a problem because if I can't tie the perfect bow while LOOKING at it, how am I going to tie the perfect bow BEHIND MY BACK??  I was desperate so I asked my husband to attempt it… He ties his own bow ties all the time, after all.   YALL..   PERFECT.   I was like, what in the world?!?  He said he just tied it like he would any bow tie and just adjusted the long ends a little to make it look more like the bows I like.  

LONG STORY SHORT.  Girls, have your beau tie your bows! It's full proof, and gets them involved in your outfit, which makes them want to tell you your EXTRA pretty!

And on the flip side (yes, I just said that)  You can learn how to tie a bow tie as well and then you can help your beau get ready for a fun night out WITH you!

See, aren't they perfect??

Here is a step by step to tie a bow tie!  

You're welcome.